Well done, and thanks for inviting me

Hi Gus – you vanished before I could talk to you last night.  I did enjoy my Pumphouse experience – love Sali and Dubtxt.  You are a very good interviewer, relaxed and easy.  But I HATED the footlights.  I feel that poetry is very interactive and not to be able to see the audience was very disconcerting.  Particularly on Friday, as we had a small intimate audience, and I would love to have been able to see their body language and so on.  I can see if it is a huge house it might be different, but with a small house I do like to see my audience.  Perhaps I have been spoiled or ruined at Poetry Live and the pub scene! 

Also I really enjoyed The White Wall performance.  Felt it went so well with Laurence’s music.  Well done, and thanks for inviting me.


Penny Somervaille


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