by Sarah

Life is memory
an implanted scene
movable liaisons
within a dream

this way, that way
creating a path
a life long journey
For as long as it lasts

an array of objects
classified and named
looking for reasons
to make its claim

that life has meaning
that must be solved
looking for the answers
in the story told

Life is memory
held in place
creating a story
to go with the face

a me , an I
a them , an us
portrayed images
gathering dust

who am I ?
well let me see
a reference check
oh there I be

a this , a that
a position to uphold
a girl in a dress
a man strong and bold

to know oneself
as a memory
is to live a life
that is the dream

collective consciousness
gathering speed
a hungry mind
taking its lead

memories , memories
a story told
an able body
a perfect mold

playing it nice
with hopes to fit in
collecting ‘others’
that we may call kin

for surely its safe
when we all agree
to the same story
of make believe

Oh darling darlings
its time to awake
from the dream
for sanity’s sake

oh my goodness
the pure open joy
of forgetting the rules
and made up ploys

the absolute pleasure
to observe the dream
for life is never
what it quite seems

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