by Rosanna Raymond

At night I sleep with mountains
covered with birds on sticks
and a bird beak peaking down below
And me turns to we and we flock off in our effect
as the clouds form an embryo across the sun
It’s all part of a coconut order
Celestial petals are waiting for some drum drum fun
centipedes, jellyfish dancing on their thighs
and the blood of virgins smeared on their cheeks
We dance on the skin of the land
flushed in a red stained light, the same light
shed by Hines’ vulva as it out an end
to mans’ quest for everlasting life
My bones are cold, almost hollow
they carry and echo, but my flesh is tasty
and keeps me on the go…going….gone
But not for good
For I am afraid the sky will down
and leave me at the feet of Ranginui
looking for assistance
Karanga mai, karanga mai, karanga mai ra
listening to the hidden voices,
bathed in salt water
welcoming me, settling my distance
and waiting for me to come home

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