Lover’s Walk – a Poetic Journey in 8 Scenes

image011image035a love story told through fusion of dance, spoken word, music and visuals. From its working title “0800 Relationship Talk” has grown into Lovers Walk – a short (yet infinite) odyssey created by dancer Siri Embla and a poet Gus Simonovic, with video material by visual artist Peter Brierley-Millman and music by Jo Blankenburg ( piano ), Gareth Priceless ( guitar ), Dubtext ( all things electronica ) and Kotaro Nishishita (classical guitar ), who collaborate on a number of Printable Reality productions.

First performed in Auckland NZ 30th April 2011. Toured UK ( including Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and Europe in 2011, and New Zealand ( including Wellington Fringe Festival ) in 2012. Touring party of two, can be performed in any theatre/gallery space. For more info and bookings please contact


gus Simonovic – director, poetry, performance
Siri Embla director, visuals, performance
Peter Brierley-Millman  visuals
Lawrence Brock (AKA Dubtext) electronica

Kotaro Nishishita classical guitar

Jo Blankenburg piano

Gareth Priceless guitar


From talk to walk

From talk to walk – a poetic journey in eight scenes.

A free call 0800 number was the inspiration for an innovative performance which fuses spoken word, dance and drama. It all started with an ad in paper recommending that you ring and talk to yourself about your relationships: your relationship with your self, with your loved ones, relationship with your work, relationship with your place in this world. I wanted to ring so many times, but never had the courage. I knew so many people who also wanted to ring but never made the call. So, we dropped the numbers, swapped talk for a walk and changed relationship into love – that is how it all began.



2011-2012 tour UK-Europe-NZ


in 2011 we took the show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and had a few stops in UK, Europe and NZ. Here are some of the amazing people that supported us along the way  ( all wearing LW hat or a badge ). THANK YOU one and all !!


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