heart dont fail


Kashka Tunstall

Kashka Tunstall

heart dont fail is a mixture of poetry prose and music,a self introspective of a girl trying to iron out her contradictions with words.

heart dont fail is collection of pieces I have authored over the last 10 years. It’s a self introspective show, which started by examining the ideas of contradictions, of being young, of having to know exactly who you are at a time when you should be testing the waters to figure it out. It’s about having been asked for certainties when there are only possibilities. Answers when are are only questions.

The pieces are all self made, pulling on loose threads of what makes an individual – names, places, belief, family, friends. And they all leave and arrive back at a similar point – one of not being completely sure, but of trying the hardest to figure it out, with as much heart as possible.


The title ‘heart dont fail’ has two purposes – it’s a mantra in the form of a question almost, ‘heart, dont fail’- asking the most vital of organs to sustain, pleading to keep one’s deepest beliefs intact, fueling life. It’s also an raw, unedited affirmation – that heart never really does fail, if you are staying true to yourself and your own rhythm.


Augmenting the work are short punchy bursts of prose, as well as musical interludes to tie the pauses together.


Really, the words are to speak for themselves and aside from minimal stage pieces, I am asking the audience to join me in a pared back performance. 

Created and performed by Kashka Tunstall


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