False Prophets

A blend of voices and stories from the past and the present. Literary icons Robin Hyde, Katherine Mansfield and Janet Frame inspire personal moments in the present.

Created and performed by Angela King as a part of Page2Stage 2013 @ The PumpHouse Theatre.

“In the light all things may be healed,

even the long desire for darkness.”

~from The Book of Nadath, Robin Hyde

My piece does not aim to bring these fascinating women to life, but to inhabit their breath in snatches, to take the past as precursor and as roots to the present and the future. Many of the struggles creative women face today are the same as in previous generations – how to create an identity as an artist, how to balance creative work with the other demands of life, making a living, love and desire, children and family, the expectations of the society & culture we happen to be born in. The strength of these women who struggled and suffered and succeeded in making words that live, is what inspired me to work with their stories and not be ashamed of mine.

More info at Angela’s blog.

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