• AOTEAROA – Found in Translation
    AOTEAROA – Found in Translation

Printable Reality produced number of (different content and length) shows, performed in a variety of events and venues: galleries, festivals, pubs, restaurants, meetings, universities, and church halls

… as well as produced feature shows:

At the Auckland Fringe Festival 2011 – Printable Reality presented, The Literatti poetic theatre show – “Why Don’t We?”.

“Lovers Walk – a Poetic Journey in Eight Scenes” and “iWas” were part of the Edinburg Fringe Festival 2011 and toured Europe and NZ in 2012 (including Wellington – NZ Fringe Festival).

Insomnia in a Daydream was produced for Auckland Fringe 2013.

Aotearoa – Found in Translation was first presented at the Basement Theatre and its Matariki Edition was part of Matariki Festival 2013 @ TAPAC.

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