Allowed and Aloud -gus Simonovic

allowed and aloud


The poetry collection composed of gus’s popular performance pieces, revisited work from the past and brand new poems specifically written for this publication.

Edited by Laurice Gilbert – this first publication in Stage2Page series also includes an audio component, available as a digital download, giving the audience the chance to engage with the work through reading and listening.

“Gus uses the language joyously, playing with repetition in a semi-hypnotic way to reinforce his enthusiasm. As an immigrant, Gus brings an observer’s eye to life in New Zealand, and his poetic voice is distinctive in its slightly off-key English. Added to his unique grasp of metaphor, his voice is a pleasure to read and listen and deserves to be disseminated widely.”Laurice Gilbert, NZPS President

“Gus’s poems have strength, depth and clarity and reveal fine workmanship. An invitation for deeper contemplation invites the reader to go back and re-read his pieces and discover layers of meaning. Gus delights in wordplay and creates thrumming images of bridges and skies, waking and dreaming. His love of poetry is infectious and his understanding of poetry’s evocative power is an inspiration. I can’t wait to hear/read more of his poems.” Anita Arlov, Creator, Inside.Out spoken word events

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