stage2page publishing

stage2page publishing

In 2014 Printable Reality has launched its publishing arm! Our series of “Stage2Page” titles aim primarily to provide lovers of contemporary poetry an excess to work that they have seen/heard performed. And at the same time, opportunity for performance poets to see their work presented in print. “Stage2Page provides a vehicle to publish individual poets collections as well as collective anthologies.

We at Printable Reality envision a world where it no longer makes sense to call an author a “page poet” or a “spoken word poet”—we see the beginnings of a new kind of poetry, one that lives in books and bars, magazines and theaters, the mind and the mouth.

New Zealand poets are increasingly creating work that collapses the old boundaries between performance and print. The current generation has seen an unprecedented cross-pollination between the stage and the page. We have begun to recognise that we are all writers who are deeply invested in the growth and evolution of the literary arts.


For all you poetry lovers – here is an opportunity to order:

“Aloud and Allowed” – A collection of poems by gus Simonovic .

allowed and aloud by gus simonovic

allowed and aloud by gus simonovic

“Poems4Peace” – A poetry anthology selected from the best work from Poems4Peace 2014 Poetry Anthology

Children in the Rain – Collection of poems – Ron Riddell 

“We Society” – Poetry Anthology 2015.

we society



Please contact us for further info.

* For poets that have a manuscript ready – get in touch! We can assist you in making your dream of being published – a reality.

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