“We” Society

Printable Reality and “Splice” invite you to express and share your thoughts and feelings on the topic of: Society.

“We” Society 2015 – Poetry Competition prompt:

Language, and poetry in particular, is a mirror of our world. It captures and reflects some of the deepest human emotions. Language is one of our most highly evolved functions, a tool that we continue to reinvent, sharpen and expand. And, since language is designed entirely around our constantly evolving needs of expression, it is one way to both examine human life and ultimately connect with ourselves. Does poetry emerge from the need to express yourself? For a poet’s words to be heard, published, quoted or sung? For their name to be remembered and cherished (one could say a perfect example of “me” society)? Or, as Eliot says: “Poetry is not an expression of personality, but an escape from personality”?

Either way, poetry created is for everybody. Poetry takes on another life when it is shared in authentic and intimate ways: through reading or listening. Is poetry reminding us about the “we” of society, that is about relationships, collaboration and cooperation? “

“We” society?

It scares me to see

how ‘me’ is our society.

Or is it only me? ”

How would you define the society we live in? Is it predominantly a common-good society, or an individualist society? Which society would you like to live in? What are we gaining and what are we losing as our culture changes? Can and does poetry enable us to explore and reflect on our values? How do language, communication and intention, belonging, dreams, aspirations and connection relate to the changing nature of the way we live and our values? How does poetry respond to what makes us human and what it means to belong to one another?

Please read Competition Rules carefully, before submitting.

Printable Reality invites you to express and share your thoughts and feelings on the topic of: Society – and submit your poems for the “We” Society 2015 Poetry Competition, and publication.

Competition judge Dr. Jack Ross. Entries close April 7th 2015.

Winners announced by 25th May 2015.

Poetry Anthology “We” Society to be published latter in the year.

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