Poems4Peace 2014

Printable Reality and Splice, in association with  New Zealand Poetry Society and Michael King Writers’ Centre presents: Poems4Peace 2014.


“Peace is the only battle worth waging.” Albert Camus

“The World is over-armed and peace is under-funded: Last year, global military spending reportedly exceeded $1.7 trillion – more than $4.6 billion a day, which alone is almost twice the UN’s budget for an entire year” – Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon Do people know those facts? How many of them? Would they think, act differently if they knew? Making people stop and think, building community awareness, taking action … are the first steps towards advancing world peace and disarmament. Poetry, throughout history, has always been the voice of conscience, helping build that awareness.

Poems4Peace 2014” is a project advocating: poetry in education and performance, plus community engagement as effective ways to build a culture of peace. The year-long program will provide an excellent platform to make contemporary poetic voices heard and contribute to influencing a whole new generation of peace-makers in NZ and beyond. The expression articulated in the art/events/publications created will reflect modern views of world peace and the atmosphere of the times – a collective voice that is forever asking … an echo that dictates: the call for peace. Let’s make poetry a strong link, between awareness and action! The project will be carried out in 4 segments, giving audiences different access points and generating momentum and numerous and lasting positive outcomes.

Poetry Competition - Rules and Submissions

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Printable Reality and Splice, in association with New Zealand Poetry Society and Michael King Writers’ Centre, invite submissions for Poems4Peace Poetry Competition 2014.

Competition Judges:Laurice Gilbert and Peter Matheson Submit your poems online here.

Poems4Peace 2014 – Poetry Competition Rules

1.The competition is open to all styles of poetry and all poets, all ages and culturural backgrounds. International entries are welcome.

2. The closing date of the competition is midnight (NZ time), Monday 9th June 2014.

3. Three (3) poems maximum per submission. There is no fee for submitting your work.

4.How to enter: Submit Online – entries made via the website will receive automatic confirmation at the time of submission. – Email your entries, in the body of the email, to: poems4peace2014@printablereality.com Please attach a 100 word bio and a current photo. – Mail to: Cheryl Banks, Poems4Peace 385 Queen Street PO Box 5104 Auckland 1141 Incomplete entries will not be considered. Phone or email confirmation of receipt is it’s not available.

5. The competition organisers reserve the right to change the judging panel without notice and not to award prizes if, in the judges’ opinion, such an action is justified.

6. The judges’ decision is final. Gifts Towards Peace: 1st NZ$400, 2nd NZ$200, 3rd NZ$100. *Further 40 poems will be selected for online and print Anthology: “Poems4Peace 2014” and contributors paid a modest fee – depending on final amount of funding received.

8. Entries can be on subject of Peace in most broad sense of that word (please read the prompt provided).

9. All entries are judged anonymously and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself.

10. All poems must have a title and must not exceed 40 lines in length.

11. Poems must be the original work of the entrant.

12. Entries must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, broadcast or featured among the winners in another competition before 30 June 2014.

13. Entries must be written in English. Winners

14. Prizewinners will be notified by the end of June 2014. All entrants and Judges will be invited to an award ceremony latter in 2014 ( date and the venue TBC).

15. The copyright of each poem remains with the author. However, all authors by entering the competition, grant Printable Reality the right to include their poem in an online and print Anthology: “Poems4Peace 2014”.


Competition Prompt

Poems4Peace 2014 – Poetry Competition Prompt:

Imagine … a most wondrous word, with one and many meanings, one word, universal word, one word upon which, many worlds are built. One word out of all the sounds that can’t be misused, misinterpreted, misunderstood. One word that is a poem in itself. One word that is a motto, a conversation, one word that is a script, that is a symbol. One word that is a language of its own. That one lyric sung, reborn with a whole new meaning, giving a birth to an eternal dream. The power of one word, of one song, of one generation, of one man … that changed our world forever. A word so potent, so loaded, enormous, monumental … like a gun used only to scatter flower seeds, like a temple created by all gods for a single man, like an immense bridge building itself from our dreams, a one-and-only ark to save us from ourselves. And now, once again, and really … Imagine! Imagine that you have gone the distance, all the way to your inner-peace. And that we have all found that peaceful place, somewhere on the map of the future. Where …. there is no heaven, there are no countries, nothing to kill or die for, no need for greed and hunger … Imagine all the people sharing all the world. And yes, you are awake and you don’t have to pinch yourself, or anybody around you. And you can play and you can dance, and you run and you can swim, and you can be still and you can write and you can talk and you can sing and you can dream and you can do and you can just be. Tell me what does THAT world look like, how was the journey, and how does THIS world look like to you from there? Imagine – what would you do first if you had to come back?

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Poems4Peace poetry workshop with gus Simonovic 1st workshop held on 22nd February 2014 Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2014 at Kawaipurapura, Albany, Auckland. This workshop, a part of Poems4Peace 2014” project, aims to make people stop and think, build community awareness, take action … make their voices count on the journey towards advancing world peace and disarmament. Poetry, throughout history, has always been the voice of conscience, helping build that awareness. “Poems4Peace 2014” is a project advocating: poetry in education and performance, plus community engagement as effective ways to build a culture of peace. While examining some of the finest poems about peace from different eras, participants are invited to respond in their own voice. Within a most supportive environment, series of simple exercises will provide a platform for participants to unleash their creative potential.

Let one of the best known NZ performance poets take you on this unique poetic journey – an adventure and discovery of verse from all around the world. Be inspired by transformational nature of poetry – reading it, speaking it, writing it. All workshop material provided, participants are invited to bring a couple of their favorite poems, to share. Let’s make poetry a strong link, between awareness and action! Some photos fromthe event here

Book Launch

The prize-giving event was held at Auditorium of Auckland Museum on 10th August 12midday.

Judges and all the poets were invited to share their poems.

Here are some photoes from this special event:






Poems4Peace Anthology 14

Poems4Peace Anthology 14

Poems4Peace – Poetry Anthology 2014 

Selected works from the competition will be presented in an E-book and print publication.

For a donation of only $10 for E-book and $15 for a printed softcover edition you can pre-order your copy NOW ( RRP $25 ). Please include $3 postage in NZ and $10 anywhere else in the world. Please email your payment confirmation together with your postal address to: poems4peace2014@printablereality.com.

Ways to pay:

You can make a payment by following “donate” button.

Or deposit funds to :

Release date July 2014.
Editors: Laurice Gilbert and Peter Matheson
Title: Poems4Peace 2014 : Poetry Anthology
Publisher: Printable Reality
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-473-28377-3

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