Plate in the Mirror – Competition Prompt

If food is poetry, is not poetry also food?”

                                              –     Joyce Carol Oates

Share your favourite poetic recipes, tell us about your last restaurant visit.

Join in the poetry banquet.

Voice your concern about obesity, the diabetes epidemic or the fast food craze​.

Tell us about famine, agriculture, gastronomy.

Tell us what to eat … and what not.

Sing out ​about the harvest, farming or your last hunting trip.

Convince us that it’s good to become vegetarian or vegan.

Tell about your food allergies or addictions. Is wine a food?
Make us worry about food security, access to food, population growth or genetically modified food.​

Make us understand correlations between our food choices, the economy, the environment, and quality of life.

Compose a poem about your last celebration, family gathering or fasting retreat.
Introduce us to your favourite cutlery, crockery and table clothes.

Write a whole new chapter about the best pudding, cake, chocolate or ice-cream that you ever ate.

Do tell us about last time you had munchies, or what is your pet’s favorite bite.
Introduce us to organic food, paleo diet, raw-food or the slow-food movement.

Bring to poetic life all those moral, ethical and health-conscious diets.
Tell us about the hangi you built and kai with your whanau.

Show us your hunger!

Do you have too much on your plate?

​How do you take your steak? Do you want fries with that? ​

Reveal your favourite national cuisine: take me out for a yum cha, or a haiku sushi train, bake me a perfect pie ​or serve me a poem inside a fortune cookie.

Be honest about your comfort food – even if that makes you uncomfortable

​Tell us about those peaches and cream, or what you do under-the-table.

Put those fridge magnets to good use.

Tell us what’s eating you.


Invest in a poetic food bank, grow a food forest of words, feed us verse for thought.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

                                       – George Bernard Shaw

Ignore all these instructions and just write and submit a poem, of any taste of any texture, cooked or baked, fried or grilled, poached or steamed ….

Sushi haiku or tapas sonnets or noodles villanelles … all welcome to the table.

Put food in your mouth and spit out some poems!

Let your poems be sustenance for the generations to come.

final poster

Competition judge Vivienne Plumb
Entries close July 31st 2016.
Winners announced by 25th September 2016.
Poetry Anthology “Plate in the Mirror" to be published latter in the year.
Please read carefully Competition Rules before submitting.

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