National Poetry Day in Picton

Dear Gus
I was thrilled to receive my copies of Poems4Peace last week.
They arrived just in time for National Poetry Day so I could read my poem “Deserted House” from the book itself rather than a piece of A4 paper. I showed the anthology to members of Picton Poets and they all agreed it is a lovely production. Congratulations.
I belong to Picton Poets and we organised a reading at the Picton Library at lunchtime along with a poetry board, a continuous poem for people to add to on a roll of brown paper on the end of one of the shelves facing the counter, and poems created from Book titles. This involved a number of people selecting book titles on a theme and stacking them on top of each other with the Poem’s title on top – quite an original idea from one of the librarians.
The Picton librarian was very pleased to receive a donated copy of the anthology.
I added one to my own poetry collection, gave one to my father, sold one to the convenor of  Picton Poets and have two for sale in an artisans’ collective shop in High Street, Picton that I am a member of.
It was good to see the author profiles at the back of the book.
Kind regards and many thanks for the opportunity.
Julie Kennedy

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