Matariki Poem

Matariki Poem
by Shreya Nair

as evening approaches
the sun radiates a dim light
blurred in ablaze, settling down
behind the horizon, exhausting the
world of warmth.

the wind blows in harsh spite
the air is damp and cold
but a bonfire sits, crackling
with essence, shedding
billows of warmth.

moaning slightly,
the children head off to bed
eager for sunrise to arrive.

holding kai and offerings
in hand, family and friends
circle the fire, chanting hymns
to welcome back Matariki.

The season of its first rising.

Their soothing voices reverberating
in the darkness, accompanying
the crooning waves.

Scintillating in the winter sky
Matariki appears, the eyes of god
marking the dawn of Maori New Year.

Iwi gather in unity and
remembrance of loved ones.
Singing in unison and rejoice.

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