Lea Ruth Fernandez

Leah Ruth


29 years old going on 60. Single. Female. A nondescript brown Asian. Sprinkled with a weird sense of humor. Shows characteristics of Brachydactyly Type A2 with congenitally malformed fingers and a small body frame.

Nicked “LeaFruit” by friends, she is an asocial freak-of-nature with love for landscapes and quality-alone-time. She used to frequent music lounges, had an alcoholic life episode, an introvert mutant from the day she was born but passes for normal, ordinary and average. Through alter-egos named “Aelhtere” & “Bien,” she engages in word-plays and off-key crooning ambient in garage sounds, barking dogs, and highway traffic Doppler effects. Her poetry has been published in “We Society” Poetry Anthology 2015.

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