Jennifer Austin

jeniffer austin photoBorn and raised in the United States with 14 years of theatrical experience and 10 years of classical vocal training, I am a versatile actress and singer who is professional, friendly and driven.

Graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Theatre, Communication and a music minor, I felt globally ready to start my career. Since graduating from University, I moved to Melbourne, Australia acting in numerous shows including Peter Pan at the Pollywoodside, An Everyday Affair, and Nauseas Reprieve that was featured at the Fringe Festival. Not only have I performed in the fringe festival but the International Comedy Festival in Melbourne.
Singing and performing is my passion but I also had the chance to teach at Westend performing arts school in Melbourne.
I taught private and group singing lessons along with musical theatre classes ranging from ages 4-40. Many of my students have competed in singing competitions and have been awarded or recognised for their talent.
After spending two years in Melbourne Australia, I relocated to Auckland New Zealand to further my career in the performing arts.
I actively seek auditions for TVC, Film, and Theatre. Along with performing in Auckland, I also teach private singing and theatre lessons.

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