Hi Gus

I have just seen Insomnia in a Daydream teaser. It is very cool.
 I like the music very much.
 I adore the woodcut quality of the images, and the Michaelangelo feel of the opening image. I like how the  flickering dots imitate our restless thought processes as we try hard to fall asleep. I like the projected questions, and the way the work is sectioned. I like the final concept of not being afraid to fall asleep because it has been so fraught in the past – every night is a new night just like every day that dawns is  a new day, a clean page. I had not thought of that before; it is a brilliant and heartening concept you have discovered.
Fantastic guys you have taken a big thing and made it simple and manageable. That is always the hardest thing I reckon.
Love and best wishes
Anita Arlov

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