hey Delilah, what’s happening in New York City?

hey Delilah, what’s happening in New York City?
by Raewyn Alexander

social media from Bettendorf.
‘wish I knew,
been thinking about those staggered streets
neon plunges,
my head rocked
watching yellow taxi cabs roll;
thoughts steamed in MOMA’s pressure colour.
instead I’m holed up
where the earth’s edge teeters
between rain storms and earthquakes,
raw flood days
editing wishes into fiction
shaping characters from starlight.
living half my life in songs.’
didn’t mention the homeless
waving a sock all day,
crouched by his piece of iron fence
Lower East Side hunker of blacks;
or the young Irish escapee from pole-danceland
his laugh close to wounded,
the religious girl who sold their sex life to magazines.
saved silences for home;
air rushes through the open window.
found your sharp hints cut the paper
into a snowflake,
how cool our pretty ideas.
the spin of holiday kisses,
this wish drift of tapping a seance.

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