Hire a Poet

“Poetry helps us remember wonder. And for that we must keep our own wonder alive. In a world of mechanized routine, the hope of the future lies in resisting falling into such a collective trance state that we cease to see through fresh eyes and feed that “fire in the head” that we all have—the restless search, which drives us out into the hazel woods of the world. It’s to this inner spark poetry speaks.”

  • Rosanna Raymond
    Rosanna Raymond
  • Ron Riddell
    Ron Riddell
  • Sue Reidy
    Sue Reidy
  • Alexander Theory
    Alexander Theory
  • Rosetta Allan
    Rosetta Allan
  • Penny Ashton
    Penny Ashton
  • Miriam Barr
    Miriam Barr
  • Michael Botur
    Michael Botur
  • Mark Pirie
    Mark Pirie
  • Matthew Harvey
    Matthew Harvey
  • Kirsten Warner
    Kirsten Warner
  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts
  • Jerry Beale


Weather you need a poet for your event or function, or you would like to personalise a special occasion by commissioning a bespoke poem, or an artist who can run a poetry/creative writing/performance/music/dance workshop at your workplace, event or a school – we can help you find a perfect match.

Sure, anyone can get up in front of your guests and talk. But no one will do it with the eloquence and feeling that a spoken word artist can. Hire one of these artists to provide a solo performance of poems or lyrics. The performance material can be motivational, comical, serious, provide political or social commentary, or fit with the theme of your event. Whether it be a corporate event or private party, your guests will feel the words spoken by these great artists.

We work with a wide range of poets, artist, performers, speakers – feel free to browse and contact direct any of the artists on our “Artist Page” or contact us for help with choosing an ideal candidate.



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