“Generation 0” Conference

Hi Gus / Printable Reality

Just wanted to thank you hugely for joining us at the ClimateVote summit in Auckland weekend before last to share your beautiful poetry with everyone. Everyone in the Generation Zero team and who attended really loved your energy and your contribution was massively appreciated =D

By the end of the weekend, the energy felt fantastic and people were eager to get involved with us for the elections. We had about 100 people attending of all ages, and the engagement was of really high quality, thanks in a huge part to you.

I adored the new poem I heard, and would love to keep up dialogue with you, especially as I think about what my life trajectory will look like following university. I also heard some awesome things about your poem following the Summit from participants. You really helped us convey the message that storytelling, heart and art is a powerful way of engaging with people on global issues – often youth can get so lost in the ‘head’ and ‘hands’ of campaigning that they forget the power of emotional connection for change.

Nalini Sighn

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