From the poet

Thanks, it was a very professional show.
I was sorry to have to leave early I could have happily seen the show again and this time I had intended to try and identify some of the poets quoted. Dinah Hawken, for instance, is a friend of mine and Glenn Colqhoun has read for us.
It was a nice thing to do – coming up and reading for you and I thought I’d like to be there to support a poetry activity and its organisers…
Yes I liked the interactive aspects on stage and felt it brought the poetry to life.
 I appreciated the simple dress on stage that didn’t distract from the words and congratulations to the performers who were loud and clear so nothing was missed. Such a lot of work all that learning of the poetry and not one hitch when I was there.
I certainly enjoyed it very much. I was made to feel very welcome and included and was so sorry I had to rush off on the Sunday night. The big earthquake had hit Wellington just before I got there and I knew quite a few things were broken at home (but I didn’t mind as no one was hurt neither people I knew nor people I didn’t know). I would have loved to have stayed on and met and talked to people but have had some email contact with some of them since which has been lovely. Congratulations is due to all involved such hard work behind the scenes.
Gill Ward

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