Audience were definitely engaged …

Dear Gus and Kirsten

Well I was very nervous but I think it went well – I got lots of good feedback so that was nice – now I’m having a well-earned drink!

Thank you for inviting me and the lovely introduction Gus. Hard to believe it’s three years since the three of us met at Siobhan’s Advanced Poetry Workshop (and yes I was in the ‘wrong’ group but it turned out to be the right one of course)

Kirsten I have attached what I read fyi  you’ll both be pleased to know they have all just been accepted for publication – yay!

Any feedback happily received of course – all helps me improve

thought it was a good show  nice balance of different things and you filled in very well for Tourettes Gus – audience were definitely engaged. Great setting too.

Maris O’Rourke

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