After That Dark Night

After That Dark Night
by Alexander Theory

So ends this careless time
The dark night of my soul
Feet planted firmly
On the soil of my home

My motherland
My whenua
Guided by the Spirit here
Stripped of all my fear

My footfalls into nothingness
Met by rising ground
My eyes perceive the land ahead
My ears perceive the sound

My faith now rests in Atua
My path unfolds beyond
I’ve come to fix the broken things
I’ve come to right the wrongs

I’ve done the work inside of me
That needed to be done
Now I take that battle to the streets
Until the day is won

Until the day is such
That our starving kids can eat
Their minds are clothed in wisdom
And there’s shoes upon their feet

Their waiata no longer sad
Their hearts no longer mourn
This country will stop failing them
A new time will be born

Our government will learn to care
To listen to the calls
To breach the demarcation lines
To tear down broken walls

To show the population
That their voice is being heard
To speak loud with their actions
Not with endless pointless words

Through unity we will achieve
The people’s faith restored
The noise of dying “us and them”
Will justly be ignored

We will as one begin to sing
Pori whenua ahau
No reira, tena koutou
Kia kaha, kia mau

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