Printable Reality exists to mainstream, or ‘mainline’, the art of spoken word and live literature into the hearts and minds of New Zealanders. It rides on a platform as old as human existence, the oral tradition that is so central to all cultures, but reflects that in a totally contemporary way through a fusion of spoken word, theatre, dance, music and multi-media technology.


Printable Reality is not a membership based organisation. It is rather a platform, an agency, a meeting place with the goal at heart: to positively contribute to advancement of spoken word/poetry scene in NZ and beyond. It is a common good, charitable, social enterprise with a focus on encouraging broader community engagement, education and poetic expression. Our priorities are: lift the standard of artist representation, interconnect various stakeholders (artists, venues, festivals), create a space for cross-disciplinary collaboration, build the operations team able to professionally deliver diverse programmes and projects, and ultimately enable more poets to be respected and paid for their work.

Since 2002, under the motto “Experience Poetry Differently” Printable Reality has initiated, supported and organised a large number of poetry events, projects, workshops and produced several stage shows. Printable is working towards creating a network of poets and artists based in NZ and beyond, from all disciplines, who have a strong poetry connection.

Printable Reality has been inspired by and modeled on Apples and Snakes, a hugely successful UK organisation which takes poetry to the people through performance and education. In 2010 Printable Reality was accepted by ART Venture; a mentoring and development programme to take entrepreneurial creative businesses to the next stage of viability.

From 2011-2016 Printable Reality  operated under umbrella of Poetry/Spoken Art Trust NZ. From November 2016 work of Printable Reality is aligned with activities of New Zealand Poetry Society.

** Printable Reality is a social enterprise that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises are mission driven – to achieve social, environmental, economic and cultural outcomes, with profits being re-invested for community benefit.

For further info and to explore how you can get involved – please contact:

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