by Louis Ariki Tait
Why are we the most erudite, when we’re asleep
Last night I watched over Wellington city from a high place
Then a gigantic bust of a beautiful, wise and strangely familiar man appeared
To me
And he shook his head
I was not sure if he was directing this to me
So I asked him if he would nod
And he did nod
And I did know.
Then I was on a long wind swept beach
And a wise horse was there
And I asked the horse
What should I do?
The horse did not speak, but frolicked in the water
So I joined him
And in the sea a father and his young daughter flew a gigantic kite
I clutched the little girl’s hand tightly
As waves crashed over me
Then I let go
And the father and daughter flew high into the air
And I cannot explain to you
The beautiful sight I saw
As I looked up
And the waves crashed over me

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