Insomnia in a Daydream

Insomnia in a Daydream

insomniais a multimedia theatrical production created by gus Simonovic and Siri Embla. On a backdrop of inspirational visuals Peter Brierley-Millman and soundscape composed by Lawrence Brock (AKA Dubtext), gus and Siri are bringing to life a stage-

dream of kinetic and oral poetry. A sumptuous feast for all your senses, mind and heart.

Touring party of two, can be performed at any theatre or gallery setting. First performed at Auckland Fringe 2013.
For more info and booking please contact +64 212323739


What keeps you real?

The statistics show that 57% of people are affected by sleep difficulties. With more than a quarter of the population suffering from a chronic sleep problem, insomnia is highlighted as a major public health issue.

What happens when you cannot sleep? What happens when you cannot daydream. Is it a gift, or a curse?Insomnia takes you for a dive into the subconscious mind – personal, interpersonal and universal.

On a large scale, the world we live in is faced with increasing uncertainty and threats which further impact on our already volatile and vulnerable existence. As a result, we sleep less, we dream less. We don`t get enough rest – but, we keep going. Insomnia takes its toll, in many forms. Fueled by coffee, sugar, energy drinks, alcohol or any other modern drug of our choice, our society is becoming more exhausted and more and more delusional.

What happens when Insomnia spreads its fingers into our day-life? When, not only eating our dreams away, it impacts on our imagination and enters our last refuge – our daydreams.

The reality, as we know it, is reduced to an iridescent bubble made of our illusions, fears and half-wishes. In an attempt to protect ourselves from this condition we are sent into a different state.


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