Soul-Food Forest

is a 15-20 minute spoken-word performance – written and performed by Gus Simonovic – that aims to explore, inspire and entertain through poetic expression. It follows an uplifting poeticised story of building a  permaculture garden / food-forest.


image by Valeria Nazarova

The narrative is driven by the simple idea that we are living in a communion with nature; and that we can – by bringing together the use of: permaculture principles, ancient knowledge and modern technology transcend the individual and enhance the group qualities; to create regenerative garden / food forest that is nourishing us, and bringing lasting benefits for the wider community / environment / society.

Poem’s artistic platform uses the symbolic spiritual idea of “12 seeds” / “friends”, for inspiration, and to bring forward intentions, qualities and concepts that feed into affirmative celebration of life. It strengthens the audience’s intuition on a path of a heartfelt, courageous, attainable direction to re-consider destructive ways of the current mainstream ways of production / consumption / waste creation / non-care for our environment / future.

The project draws inspiration from two quotes / concepts :

1. “The next Buddha might be a Sangha, not a person”. Thich Nhat Hath

The concept of “enlightenment” is not attributed or expected from one individual, but the GROUP that attains the higher connection /understanding/ consciousness.

2. “The Amazon is a Man-Made Food Forest, Researchers Discover”

Most of the edible plants in the rainforest were planted by humans over 4500 years ago, new study finds. Modern farmers should look to these ancient forest gardeners for the key to sustainable food production.


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* The text is accompanied by Valeria Nazarova’s drawings and can be presented as an arts exhibition, while it is waiting for its printed book incarnation.


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