NEW : Poems4Peace – workshop with gus Simonovic

Poems4Peace poetry workshop with gus Simonovic

1st workshop coming up 22nd February 2014, 2pm at the

Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2014 at Kawaipurapura, Albany, Auckland

This workshop, a part of “Poems4Peace 2014” project, aims to make people stop and think, build community awareness, take action … make their voices count on the journey towards advancing world peace and disarmament. Poetry, throughout history, has always been the voice of conscience, helping build that awareness.“Poems4Peace 2014” is a project advocating: poetry in education and performance, plus community engagement as effective ways to build a culture of peace.

While examining some of the finest poems about peace from different eras, participants are invited to respond in their own voice. Within a most supportive environment, series of simple exercises will provide a platform for participants to unleash their creative potential.

Let one of the best known NZ performance poets take you on this unique poetic journey – an adventure and discovery of verse from all around the world. Be inspired by transformational nature of poetry – reading it, speaking it, writing it. All workshop material provided, participants are invited to bring a couple of their favorite poems, to share.

Let’s make poetry a strong link, between awareness and action!

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