Matariki over Manukau

Matariki over Manukau
by Ila Selwyn

look out the window
see a beautiful ice rink
stretched across the harbour

the far edge of the Manukau
is tufted with crisp white icing
bleaching to a soft mauve

the seven sisters are bending down
putting on their skates
starting to lace up their high white boots

rush to my cupboard
dig out my old worn pair
hug them to my chest

run out to join them
they’ve taken off without me
skimming across my illusion

now the seven sisters are racing
to get the biggest piece
of Matariki’s birthday cake

the ice queen lulls their senses
with anticipation of culinary delights
the sharp winter sky fuels their delirium

the ice queen’s madness
brought on by Matariki mayhem
erupts from the deep

tosses the seven sisters
and their seven pairs of skates
high into the sky

they shriek with joy
dive into the depths
shoot to the surface

become seven wild fillies
dancing, prancing
churning up my delusion

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