Information spring

Information spring
by David Chadwick

Look down from a satellite, show me the borders
Show me the lines, of artificial order
Where are the countries, the coloured patches?
Nothing is visible, nothing matches
No arbitrary delineations
No empires, realms, states or nations
No random barriers or boundaries
No subjugated territories
The maps and charts, they were only a tool
For those who would divide and rule
Look down from a satellite, see first-hand
Our world is only water and land

And daily that world is shrinking
Our thinking interlinking
Frontiers vanish like a dream
Dissolved under a digital stream
It pours around the passport halls
Across the ditches, over the walls
Through the moats, past warning signs
The razor wire, the tanks and mines
Past gates and checkpoints, towers and guns
And joins each person one-to-one

Behold the new Jericho!
No trumpets sound
But walls come tumbling down

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