I Have Sailed This Body

I Have Sailed This Body
by Qalina

I have sailed this body
To a foreign land
Where I knew nobody
And could understand
Neither their language
Nor their ways.
Some gave me shelter,
Some stormed me away.

Been chased by pirates
Wanting to steal my jewels.
Little did they know
I had none to lose.
Little did they know –
Plenty did I learn,
Sailing in my body
Through regrets and storms.

The breeze has sung temptations
In my eyes and ears.
My sails were ripped
By the salty tears;
I have looked for sunshine
Around crowded ports;
Anchored was in many,
But few were let aboard.

I will know humbly
It has come my time
When my body crumbles
To the ocean wild.
I will leave my boat,
I will leave my pride;
Over the waves
As gannet will I fly.

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