Yoga and Creativity – One day retreat

Time: 9:30 am
Sunday, November 30 9:30am
Te Henga Arts Hub & Eco-Stay – 130 Bethells Rd, Bethells Beach, Auckland
Suitable for all levels. All welcome!

Experience the magic of combining two powerful heart-opening activities in innovate ways. Deepen your creativity while you relax your body. Tridosha Balancing Series work on harmonising the functions of your whole body based on the ayurvedic principle of the three doshas (vāta, pitta and kapha). Asana and pranayama help fuel the creative process by increasing and directing the flow of prana. Simple, guided creative exercises are designed to infuse the mind with peace, clarity and creativity.

Investment: $100 ( including lunch, morning and afternoon tea ). Limited to 9 people.

for more info please contact:

Days programme :

9.30 Get together, registration, morning tea

10am First session
12-2pm Lunch and a beach visit
2pm Second session
4pm – 5pm Debrief, reflections, afternoon tea

++ you can prebook a massage/aromatherapy or reiki session with Siri Embla, for during the lunch time or after 5pm at a discounted price of $50 / hour

Whether you are aiming to finish a manuscript, deepen your yoga and meditative practice, overcome writer’s block, or unlock your inner artist, this workshop is designed exactly for you. All are welcome – regardless of previous experience with art/creative process or yoga. Beginners will find a safe haven in which to experiment, and advanced devotees of either or both art forms will discover a refreshingly challenging environment in which push through blocks and reach new levels of insight. Combined practice reinforces and deepens many of yoga’s benefits, but through an entirely different and highly complementary means, leading to invaluable insights and inspirations that can improve our lives and relationships—and enhance our creativity!—in profound and lasting ways.

Sessions are led by a passionate poet and educator Gus Simonovic – an experienced, certified instructor, with a life-long love for yoga. His poems have been widely published and performed locally and internationally. He has completed his Yoga teacher training at Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India.

Participants will come out of the retreat refreshed, inspired and hopefully with a new vision of where they are going and a new, kinder relationship to their body. Additionally, if you wish, you will have an opportunity to have your work reviewed with constructive feedback and suggestions on how to progress and develop your ideas.

Bring your journal/project book.

++ prebook a massage/aromatherapy or reiki session with Siri Embla, for during the lunch time or after 5pm at a discounted price of $50 / hour

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