Spread The Word @ MAC

Time: 7:30 pm


Printable Reality Inc and Mairangi Arts Centre are proudly presenting a new series of live spoken word/music/performance events with OPEN MIC and special guests.

Mark your calendar for 3rd of May, bring a poem or a song – sign up for an OPEN MIC, bring a friend and enjoy the performance by our special guests – Isotopes:

“Isotopes” welcome you on a zen-like journey into the meta-universe where air is filled with a virtuoso magic of Zane’s middle-eastern sounds – forming a soundscape that gives space for the velvety words of poetry by Gus, to linger … while Siri´s song and kinetic-sculpture brings you to the pure presence – letting the ambience change the movement, change the feeling of the words, the sounds … the world. Good time, best time in no-time.

Three sacred forms harmonised: sound, movement, spoken word – forming “Isotopes” ( Zane Lazos, traditional and invented acoustic instruments; Siri Embla, song, movement/kinetic-sculpture; Gus Simonovic, poetry/spoken word).


Siri Embla is an international freelance performance artist. Siri has a long history as a performer and a wide range of skills. (acting, physical theatre, dance, improvisation, singing/songwriter, video, poetry, clowning). Her main focus is to create connections between people and the environment. To create space for thought and feeling, to allow senses to expand into new dimensions through poetry of words and movement, telling stories for the heart and soul. She loves collaborating with other artists and aim to continuously create new work.

Zane Lazos is a musician and composer who uses a combination of the Turkish bowed tanbur (yaylı tanbur), saz (plucked stringed instrument), voice, and digital sampler and sequencer to realise a sonic space aimed at ecstatic dance and deep listening. This has been previously presented through the performance art project called Azphodel as well as other collaborative and solo efforts. Growing this practise from a foundation of traditional Western music education, training in Turkish music in the United States (with Chris Henke and master musician Timucin Cevikoglu) and Turkey (with master musician Sadun Aksüt), and along with numerous other world music influences, Zane seeks to blend ancient with contemporary and chart new musical waters wherever they may lead.


Gus Simonovic
Auckland-based poet and spoken word artist, educator, and a producer of contemporary cross-disciplinary performances with a strong spoken word component. Organiser and promoter of poetry events. With a vision to bring poetry to the widest possible audiences, initiated the “Printable Reality” concept – based on collaboration with other spoken word artists, musicians, dancers and visual artists – under the motto: “Experience Poetry Differently”.

gus simonovic

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