Rising Voices Summer Series

Time: 7:30 pm
Niu Navigations in association with THE EDGE present the

Rising Voices Summer Series

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 February, 7.30pm
Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
Adult $20.00, Concession $17.00, and Children $15.00
Two shows for $35.00 full or $30.00 concession*
BBQ from 6.00pm and live music from STKS from 6.30 – 7.15pm.

“I pump poetic blood through your arteries like my heart was a loudspeaker”
Husam Al-Deen (Slam Runner Up 2012)

Twelve of Aotearoa’s most exciting young poets perform a mix of their fresh and favourite works in the Rising Voices Summer Series.

These slam poets will break the rules and bring dance, music and movement to the stage to complement the passion and humour of their words. Each night features a different line-up of six outstanding poets from the Rising Voices community.

Come along from 6pm to enjoy the bar and a summer BBQ with live music from STKS.

Some content may offend.

Poets include:

Marina Alefosio (2011 & 2012, Mentor 2013)
They speak about our beauty like its currency to exploit our scars, so we always forget how beautiful we actually are.

Ashleigh Fata (2013)
“I will see life through kaleidoscopes, where every shape and colour is beautiful”

Mohamed Hassan (Slam Champ 2013)
“The gaps in-between the sentences we speak are dressed in our reflections, they will haunt us only if we let them. Tame them, and we will speak earthquakes”

Ileana Lamata (2013)
“There is no time frame, no guarantee of company- just me, and this wide, blank wall.”

Chris McMurray (2011)
“I thought they never listened; turned out they couldn’t hear me”

Te Kahu Rolleston (Slam Runner Up 2013)
“‘We let a B.A-HONS determine a man’s honor, yet we forget about the depth of the heart, and expect nothing less than a M.A scholar…”

Zech Soakai (2013)
“My art speaks… It has a voice… I’m just learning to find the right pair of ears to listen”

Kirsti Whalen (2013)
“Arty loser in high school. Baby now, you’re the cool kid.”

Rewa Worley (2012 & 2013)
“Just a pious watchman with questions and a nest of poems that swirl around his head when he thinks too much. He always thinks too much.”

Courtney Petelo (2013)
“Let the essence of your broken soul ring the silent alarms in his head.”

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