Rhythm & Verse

Time: 7:30 am

Rhythm & Verse  Septemeber 4

Rhythm & Verse Septemeber 4

Rhythm & Verse

Poetry and music nights hosted by local poet Ila Selvin

Septemeber 4th 7pm with open mic Music at 7:30pm


Riemke Ensing’s writes poems that are like subtly textured paintings

Bob Orr, creator of carefully crafted quality poems

Raewyn Alexander, prize-winner, NZ-wide Printable Reality Matariki poetry comp.

Michael Rudd, improv sound poet, worker for the word, poetry for the masses

Miriam Barr, member of Literatti, a wonderful ground- breaking poet

Jess Bates, dynamic performance poet, professional actor from The Heretic

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