Presence: a Gateway to Connect


Presence: a Gateway to Connect

Presence: a Gateway to Connect

Presence: a Gateway to Connect
1-Day Workshop by Bert van Dijk

What have theatre, Buddhism and humanistic psychology got in common? They all promote presence as a gateway to a more fulfilling existence.

Presence is not so much a state of being that can be switched on or off – rather, it is a quality of being that manifests itself by degrees, much like fitness and health. And, like fitness and health, it can be improved.

By drawing from his extensive theatre, psychology and Buddhist practice, Bert van Dijk has developed a variety of stimulating, practical and enjoyable strategies to enhance the quality of our presence.

Some focus on re-awakening the more dormant senses of touch, smell, taste and intuition, while others help us in letting go of our attachments to the past or our pre-occupations (and worries) relating to the future.

Presence enables us to connect strongly with our environment and respond creatively and effectively to the ever-changing circumstances we encounter. It is a critical ingredient in the effectiveness of practically every occupation (performing arts, education, sport, politics, therapy, organisational development, management, and so on) and our everyday life.

Most people experience presence as a feeling of supreme wellbeing. Bliss you could say.

Bert van Dijk (PhD Theatre, MA Andragogy, Dip. Drama, Dip Mime) is a theatre director and pedagogue of international repute, who has directed numerous productions in a great variety of genres.

Bert has developed a unique approach to personal and social transformation that weaves together Jungian Psychology, indigenous perspectives and contemporary theatre practices.

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