Poems4Peace 2014 Prize-Giving event

Time: 12:00 pm

Poems4Peace 2014, Prize-Giving event

Poems4Peace 2014, Prize-Giving event

Live poetry performance event, featuring award-winning poets. To pre-order the book follow this link and click on “Publication” : www.printablereality.com/projects/poems4peace-2014/

Printable Reality and Splice, in association with New Zealand Poetry Society and Michael King Writers’ Centre, run a poetry competition – as a part of “Poems4Peace” project 2014. General public, local and international poets were invited to compose poetry expressing the concept of inner-peace and the peace for our world.

Poetry, throughout history, has always been the voice of conscience. “Poems4Peace 2014” is advocating: poetry in education and performance, plus community engagement as effective ways to build a culture of peace. The year-long programme provides an excellent platform to make contemporary poetic voices heard and contribute to influencing a whole new generation of peace-makers in NZ and beyond. The expression articulated in the art/events/publications created reflects modern views of world peace and the atmosphere of the times – a collective voice that is forever asking … an echo that dictates: the call for peace. Let’s make poetry a strong link, between awareness and action!

On the day, we will be announcing poetry competition winners selected from 400 submissions as well as hear performances by winning and commended poets.

Everybody welcome!

Competition Judges:Laurice Gilbert and Peter Matheson.
More info contact: gus@printablereality.com

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