Live at The Library Bar

Time: 7:00 am

Live at The LIbrary Bar 28 sept 11

Live at The LIbrary Bar 28 sept 11

Live at The LIbrary Bar 28 sept 11
The weather is heating up, Auckland is buzzing with tourists, and all you want is a place away from the rugby and chaos…Then Live is the place for you!

The Library Bar is the alternative Viaduct venue; book-lined walls, retro paintings, plush sofas and moreish tapas; this unique and welcoming bar is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst all who discover it.

Live at The Library Bar is a regular monthly event of spoken word, music and networking. Each month features a guest musician, guest poet, and we welcome a new concept with our “Performer’s Showcase”. Like an open mic, each month 12 performers have the opportunity to sign up for a 3-4 minute slot on stage to read, sing or entertain the, always diverse, audience.

Printable Reality isn’t about to let this month be without its surprises, and this month we introduce our “Seasonal Musician” slot. Every 3 months, we invite a new musician/band to keep the mood of the evening going by playing during the evening’s breaks and lulls.

This month, come on a different kind of journey with these guests:

Guest musician:
Bluebird Avenue
“Formed in May 2011 (as weekly musical escapism to ease the monotony of the working week) acoustic guitar trio Bluebird Avenue features guitarists Danny Crocome, Brendan O’Shea & Sam Ogilvie. Having gathered cobwebs and dust for a few years, Danny’s songwriting machine started ticking over again in late 2010 and has since gathered momentum – the songs you’ll hear at this evening’s performance are a result of this. The group have been playing venues around Auckland since June, and are working towards recording an album in the near future. Upcoming show info, live footage (and occasional asides) available on Facebook at:”

Guest poet:
Naked Voices in Pacific Literature is a fresh performance word group from the Diploma in Creative Writing programme at Manukau Institute of Technology. Lead by Robert Sullivan and directed by Daren Kamali, the last six months has seen the group writing poetry, stories, songs and scripts with a vision to be the first students of MIT to bring their works to life through performance. They are a collective of fourteen voices with a range of backgrounds reflecting life language and culture in Aotearoa. They pulsate truths and experiences, sharing sparks of creativity, igniting the flames within us and setting our world alight, through the art of spoken word.

Seasonal musician:
The 2 creative geniuses behind the band will please your senses with an acoustic offering of their hypnotic music. In a time of global uncertainty, FreeDay’s music offers a healing balm to soothe a troubled world. By a twist of destiny lead singer/composer, Glen Donaghy, and his wife Alex were wounded with identical scars on their hands before they even met.

“We were six months into our marriage when we noticed we had the same scars on our hands,” says Glen. “I got mine cutting a tree and Alex got hers when her hand got stuck in a car door. It sounds corny but we saw it as a sign that we were soul mates.”

In September 2009, FreeDay signed up with M4U Records, a small indie label that blends strong business sense with a passion for helping artists succeed in music. Glen says it’s difficult to describe FreeDay’s music. They appreciate any talented artist but they’re influenced by musicians such Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Crowded House, Muse, Live and Natasha Bedingfield.

Glen’s husky vocals exude a theatrical quality that moves from dreamlike pathos one minute to driving emotion the next. Team that with his deft song writing and you have an album of unexpected but satisfying twists and turns.

There really is so much on offer this month, you’d be mad to miss it! So join your host Michelle Bolton for another memorable Live event!

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