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PAGE2STAGE workshop
Paolo Rotondo ‘Lessons from a maker’

. How to make your personal work reach the audience

Thursday 31 July 7-9pm
Lesson’s from a maker. How to make you’re personal work reach the audience.

My experience as an artist is primarily as a maker and performer of my own material.
In my humble opinion it is vitally important to know what you are trying to communicate.
I will provoke a and facilitate, some exercises that help artist to address who they are and to get closer to what they are actually trying to say.
We will discuss various approaches to getting to the crux of it. These seemingly obvious approaches can really unlock an artist’s sense of purpose. When the writer is sure of their purpose (even if it is to explore) they can bewitch us with their words, when the performer has clear objectives they are able to be very powerful.

Once we have understood where our drive comes from and we are open to sharing it we will work on a few basic techniques for performance.

I will bring a few basic exercises that I learned as the International Fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre In London. I hope to bring simplicity and de-mystification to the performer. Through honesty and openness as performers we can be very powerful, yet it is a huge act of humility and bravery. I will give the performer some tools that they can use to unlock their material for performance.
A common mistake for writer performers is not to ‘read’ and ‘breakdown’ the material as they presume they know it. My mission is to help translate and facilitate the process from writer to performer especially if they are the same person.

In one brief hour I hope to propose these very essential questions for our artists to address. I hope that they will provoke in them a sense of purpose and a few basic, very practical tools for sharing their work.

Paolo Rotondowill bring a few basic exercises that he learned as the International Fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre In London. He had recently completed his first feature film ‘Orphan & Kingdoms’.
Also in 2014 his play Strange Resting Places has been chosen by Creative New Zealand to headline the New Zealand Showcase at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival.

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