Constellation of the Heart:Baby’s on Fire

Constellation of the Heart:Baby’s on Fire
by Charlotte Kelly Maguire

Burning through plastic,
Shuffling at speed – this girl doesn’t have a need
To crawl.
Coaxing friends to play,
Adamant the world is safe
– A holiday to stay,
Self mythologizing all the way.
Pretty soon she alters her name,
Cap gun blows.
Smoke surrounds turning
Her on and off.
Seeing his familiar body ahead
Its dark,
Lights zap on and off.
Bodies evaporate,
It’s a whisper too late.
The edge of the pool is there

And she goes in by mistake.
A Yellow haze goes out over this quiet lake.
Dancing submerged,
To make her charade.
Down here it is quiet as half,
It’s light.
Romance is easy to find.
In-estimatable jewels found all embedded in skulls
– A lost beauty combo
Too potent to surrender.
Looking up is to see reality
Bending you back in the half light.
She might
Come up and see about
Testing out lungs.
But pretty sirens remain,
You better throw her in the water.
Though she knows a crumbling sea-bank

And this time running,
When she throws herself off the edge,
She hits a body solid and it’s a warm thud.
– It’s a sound more familiar
Than the splash of a bathysphere.

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