by Alexander Theory

I sit quietly on the precipice
Feet dangling over the tiny full stop
The mark that ends this chapter
And points the way on to the next
My eyes fixed forward on the void
Of pages yet unwritten
As the void stares silently back into me
Stirring my soul with the promise of creation
Elation, frustration, and the myriad emotion
That comes from venturing into nothing
There is no fear now, but a steely determination
To heed the call and move without resistance
I know not where nor how but vaguely what
Like plot lines forming and collapsing
Dancing and tracing their lines upon the pages
A free form poem by the hand of God
That will take me this way and that
Forwards and back
With perfect timing
Rhyming and structure
Form and function
Syntax and punctuation
Like the tiny full stop that will close the next chapter
And leave me sitting, feet dangling on the precipice

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