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is all about connecting people – through poetry : by raising profile of poetry, spoken word and performance poetry supporting and promoting poets and artists encouraging collaboration; running educational programs and arts projects; organising events and creating new, exciting poetic experiences using music, visuals, dance, film, theatre …


Poetry Live 26th November 2019
Thirsty Dog, Auckland
Book launch:
“The Alien Brain Balm” by Gus Simonovic
Guest musician : “WAVEFORMING”

Weaving landscapes of sound that expand and shift across the fabric of time & space –WAVEFORMING brings you a musical collage of colourful compositions

Gus Simonovic is a cultural catalyst; poet, educator, creative entrepreneur, publisher, and a producer. His work has been widely published, and performed, locally and internationally. Gus is a driving force behind long-standing poetic project “Printable Reality”.

Even though he can be hard to understand, at times – his English seems to be broken all in the right places. He claims he understands himself, and is dedicating his life and work to understanding others. Most of his actions are inspired by simplicity, sustainability, beauty and minimalism. 

As a Yoga teacher, massage and Reiki therapist, Gus combines his passion for arts and dedication to well-being in running creativity classes, workshops and retreats; for youth and adults. To book a performance or a workshop please contact gus@printablereality.com

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