Printable Reality

Printable Reality is all about connecting people - through poetry : by raising profile of poetry, spoken word and performance poetry supporting and promoting poets and artists encouraging collaboration; running educational programs and arts projects; organising events and creating new, exciting poetic experiences using music, visuals, dance, film, theatre ...

PAGE2STAGE live #3

At our next live event we are very excited to hear from mentee Ya-Wen Ho, her mentor Rob Mokaraka, and a group of musical friends, aptly named FRIENDS.

PAGE2STAGE workshop#4

PAGE2STAGE workshop with Penny Ashton ‘Creating, producing and marketing contemporary independent stage performance, with a view to touring locally and internationally’

YOGA and Creativity

Experience the magic of combining two powerful heart-opening activities in innovate ways. Deepen your creativity while you relax your body.

POP-UP POETS in Auckland

Experince “Pop-up Poets” street performance experience - generating interest and intrigue in the Auckland City Centre.