Printable Reality

Printable Reality is all about connecting people - through poetry : by raising profile of poetry, spoken word and performance poetry supporting and promoting poets and artists encouraging collaboration; running educational programs and arts projects; organising events and creating new, exciting poetic experiences using music, visuals, dance, film, theatre ...

Children in the Rain

Writer and peace-advocate, Arts graduate of Auckland University, he has been involved in a number of peace and cultural initiatives in Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, U.S.A. and New Zealand and has been the founder and organiser of many writers’ workshops and cultural gatherings in New Zealand

Ron Riddell - book launch

Ron Riddell and Saray Torres invite you to join them on Saturday October 11 at the next gathering of The Titirangi Poets, Titirangi Library (2pm – 4pm) for the launch of their new haiku and poetry collection, Children in the Rain

Creativity and yoga workshop

Asana and pranayama help fuel the creative process by increasing and directing the flow of prana. Simple, guided creative exercises are designed to infuse the mind with peace, clarity and creativity.

POP-UP POETS in Auckland

Experince “Pop-up Poets” street performance experience - generating interest and intrigue in the Auckland City Centre.