Printable Reality

Printable Reality is all about connecting people - through poetry : by raising profile of poetry, spoken word and performance poetry supporting and promoting poets and artists encouraging collaboration; running educational programs and arts projects; organising events and creating new, exciting poetic experiences using music, visuals, dance, film, theatre ...


Experince “Pop-up Poets” street performance experience - generating interest and intrigue in the Auckland City Centre. Weekend 24 August 3 PM 2014.

POEMS4PEACE Prize giving

Room 3, Upper Riccarton Library 6pm – 7pm Wednesday August 20th Live poetry performance event, featuring award-winning poets. Printable Reality and Splice, in association with New Zealand Poetry Society and Michael King Writers’ Centre, run a poetry competition – as a part of “Poems4Peace” project 2014. General public, local and international poets were invited to compose poetry expressing the concept of inner-peace and the peace for our world.

Give Peace a Chance

A Concert for Children of Gaza Saturday at 7:00pm Thirsty Dog Tavern & Cafe 469 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand 1010 Concert fundraiser for the children of Gaza featuring some of Aucklands best acoustic performers including Caitlin Smith, Nigel Gavin, Linn Lorkin and Herschel, Eden, Roger Marshall, and Victoria Vigenser, plus local poets Amanda Kennedy and Gus Simonivic (further acts to be announced) PAGE2STAGE workshop PAGE2STAGE workshop Sascha Perfect ‘VOICE AND PHYSICALITY’ . How to be more authentic and to use presence in your performance Thursday 7 August 7-9pm The workshop will focus on voice and physicality. In particular, exploring extended vocal techniques; opening the voice and the body with physical, perceptual and somatic explorations; working with authenticity, presence and embodiment.

National Poetry Day - Wrap Party

August 23 at 7:30am POETRY TO THE PEOPLE! Join NPD celebration with Page2Stage Artist + book sales + music + Wide Open Mic ALL WELCOME ! KOHA entry.